Whimsical Fall wedding at Treehouse PointAlexandria and Luis

magical night photo at treehouse point

Amazing Whimsical Fall Wedding At Treehouse Point

Last month Natasha and I photographed this elegant whimsical fall wedding at Treehouse Point. I’ve shot a lot of weddings at Treehouse Point, both big at small, but none as elaborate and beautiful as this one. What really stood out to me is how well all of the floral arrangements and decorations really worked so well with the outdoor and rustic vibe of Treehouse Point. The use of the tiny LED fairy lights was awesome. The way they looked in the the night photo above really made my night. Alexandria and Luis traveled here from North Carolina to get married in the PNW. There is something so special about a small intimate weddings. Alexandria really spent a ton of time hand burning all of the names onto the wood rounds. Down to Earth Flowers did an amazing job creating the table settings and decor.  Green apple catering made up some delicious food. My favorite with the bloody mary filled tomatoes! Thanks Alexandria and Luis for having me out to capture such intimate memories.

woodsywedding-2 woodsywedding-3

I’ve always loved succulents in flower arrangements.woodsywedding-4 woodsywedding-5

I thought this burned firewood was an interesting texture for a ring photo. woodsywedding-6 dress hanging in treehouse door woodsywedding-10 woodsywedding-11

Wood, stone, moss, and flowers were the focus of the day. woodsywedding-12 woodsywedding-13

Some shots of the amazing table decorations. I loved the moss, and the glass terrariums. They put battery powered LED lights in them. It looked like they had trapped lightning bugs. woodsywedding-14 woodsywedding-16

Hand burned wood rounds served as name cards. woodsywedding-18 woodsywedding-19 getting ready at treehouse point woodsywedding-22

I love the moments before the first sight happens. A nervous groom waiting to see his bride. woodsywedding-24 woodsywedding-25 woodsywedding-26

Luis realizing how lucky he is. woodsywedding-27 woodsywedding-31 woodsywedding-32 woodsywedding-35 woodsywedding-36 woodsywedding-38

I adore the light on this bridge.woodsywedding-42 woodsywedding-50 woodsywedding-53

During the summer at Treehouse point you can cross this little stone bridge and access their secluded island for portraits. bride and groom crossing a river at treehouse point

And the pictures are so worth it. woodsywedding-57 woodsywedding-60 woodsywedding-62 woodsywedding-63 woodsywedding-64

It has long been a tradition for guests to build cairns of rocks by the river. Ironically Alexandria and Luis were the first couple I know of to build their own. woodsywedding-67 woodsywedding-69 woodsywedding-71 temple of the blue moon woodsywedding-76

These kids were amazing. woodsywedding-78 woodsywedding-80 woodsywedding-81

These little terrariums were awesome. fairy light flower decorations woodsywedding-83 woodsywedding-84 woodsywedding-85 mossy table settings woodsywedding-88 woodsywedding-89 woodsywedding-95 woodsywedding-96 woodsywedding-97 woodsywedding-98 woodsywedding-100 woodsywedding-102 woodsywedding-105 woodsywedding-107

A ceremonial hand-washing and the first kiss. woodsywedding-109 woodsywedding-112 woodsywedding-115

Luis bought these birds for Alexandria on their first date. woodsywedding-116

Cream cheese, bacon, basil, and bloody mary mix. woodsywedding-118

A girl and a fluffy dresswoodsywedding-120 woodsywedding-127

At night, in candlelight the table turned into something out of a Lord of the Ring movie. I felt like their could have been elves here. (Yes, I am a LOTR nerd)woodsywedding-128 woodsywedding-130 woodsywedding-132 woodsywedding-133 woodsywedding-135 woodsywedding-139 woodsywedding-141 woodsywedding-143 woodsywedding-144 woodsywedding-145 woodsywedding-148