Who let a Seattle wedding photographer loose in Tulsa?Jordan & Michael

wedding photos in a parking garage

There is nothing quite as fun for me than shooting in a place for the very first time. Its even more special if that place just happens to be in a whole new city. For Jordan and Michael’s wedding I got to travel to Tulsa. I was really impressed by Tulsa’s cute and vibrant downtown core. Within a short walking distance we were able to capture everything from bustling skyscrapers, parks, industrial zones, and urban concrete structures. I scouted the location early the morning of the wedding and couldn’t wait to get moving. Jordan and Michael chose to have their wedding be as low key as possible which meant that they got married in a simple park, and had their reception in the back room of a nice restaurant. Their wedding was an awesome reminder that weddings are special not because of the fancy decor, or the extravagant food, but because of the relationships that the couple has with each other and the friends and family that got them to that day.  Some of these images are probably some of my favorite from this entire summer. I especially love the images in front of the large golden arch! I hope you enjoy these.